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About Test

Director of Photography

Feature film looks for spots & marketing/branding projects

You don’t take a photograph. You make it.
— Ansel Adams
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I'm a Bay Area native, and current resident, who spent ten years in Hollywood working on features, TV series, commercials, music videos, sitcoms and visual effects projects. 

I shoot commercials and high-end corporate branding and marketing projects, as well as media meant to be displayed in non-traditional ways (handheld devices, web banners, VR, etc.). I'm very comfortable shooting both anamorphic and spherical wide screen formats (2.4:1, or "scope").

Feature film and TV series taught me how to create a wide variety of looks, from the darkest drama to the brightest comedy, efficiently and without fuss. While I can shoot in nearly any style, my preference is for strongly composed and powerfully lit images that have some shape and "punch" to them.

One of my regular directors says that my work is "sculpted." I like that.

As well as being an artist, I'm a bit of a technical whiz. This helps considerably in choosing the right camera for the job, as well as shooting visual effects that sail through post like a summer breeze.