Director of Photography




I'm a Bay Area native, and current resident, who spent ten years in Hollywood working on features, TV series, commercials, music videos, sitcoms and visual effects projects. Currently I shoot commercials and high-end corporate branding and marketing projects that appear on screens both very large and very small.

I also shoot projects utilizing new technologies such as VR, RGB-D and light field capture. In some cases, I'm the first person to use a new camera professionally. This excites me: new technologies mean new artistic opportunities.

Working on feature films and TV series taught me how to create a wide variety of looks, from the darkest drama to the brightest comedy, efficiently and without fuss. While I can shoot in nearly any style, my preference is for strongly composed and powerfully lit images that have some shape and "punch" to them.

Several of my regular directors tell me that my work looks "sculpted." I like that.